Restoration of motorcycle suits
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If the leather of your suit is worn after an accident, or the abrasion itself is the result of natural wear and tear or fading – you can have it renewed with us!

What is renovation?

Renovation is the rescue of worn elements of the skin, the restoration of slight defects, and the restoration of color. In the case of elements that have a hole "through", renovation is not recommended. It should be remembered that the suit is an element of the motorcycle wardrobe, which is responsible for our safety and the use of half measures in the case of large damage will not help. In this case, we recommend repairing – i.e. replacing the leaky panels.

Pełna renowacja kombinezonu motocyklowego

Properly performed renovation is a 100% safe treatment for the skin, without changing its protective properties. We give a guarantee for our services.

We recommend moisturizing the suits to prevent the skin from drying out – this applies to both new suits and those that have undergone "treatments". It should be remembered that in the case of neglect in the maintenance of leather – the possibility of paint crumbling is much higher.

Renovation can be done on overalls as well as shoes, gloves and other leather elements.

The skin loses its color as a result of:

-UV exposure
-negligence – lack of impregnation
-Poor Cleaning Methods
-wrong choice of chemicals
-mechanical abrasions
-Passing the ;D

We do not recommend washing leather clothing in the washing machine. It can lead to damage like the one shown in the picture.

In the case of leather clothing, we recommend manual cleaning with appropriate preparations.

If you need a professional service, i.e. cleaning your clothes, we will do it for you with a guarantee of safety and freshness.


If you need a color refresh – leather restoration is also a great choice. Changing the color of a motorcycle outfit is a complicated process that we perform with attention to the smallest detail.

Proper preparation of the leather, selection of color and protection of the material is the key to achieving the desired effect. We create each color ourselves by mixing paints. Matching the color of the suit to the color of the fairings is not a problem!

We are able to create a matte or glossy effect – you can choose from! ???