Motorcycle suit cover

Motorcycle suit cover


Motorcycle suit cover by Robertozon

- It is perfect for storing and transporting a motorcycle suit
 -It will perfectly protect any suit against dust, dirt and odor absorption – thanks to its universal and developed form, it will adapt to any type of suit
-Additional ventilation on the sides of the cover ensures airflow

-The highest quality of the materials used will make a one-time investment last for years of use, this is guaranteed by the combination of the strongest     Polish zippers with a very durable material, which is also waterproof

-100% Polish product

4 available colors: Red, Grey, Pink, Dark green

Personalized covers:

The ability to personalize the appearance of the cover means that everyone will find something for themselves while creating their own unique case. To personalize your cover, all you have to do is write us an email – our graphic designer will take care of everything, and you will receive the finished graphic design for approval