How much does motorcycle clothing repair service cost?

 The evaluation is made on the basis of the photos submitted and is necessary for the provision of the service due to the wide variety of cases, materials and different options. If it is possible, we present several options of the service, in order to get a full quote, please send photos of the damage to the E-Mail-biuro@robertozon.pl

What's included in the 5-in-1 service

The 5-in-1 package includes the following services:

Cleaning is done by hand with the greatest attention to detail. The chemicals used are proven and do not affect the outer layer of the skin, dirt is effectively removed and the skin is nourished thanks to its moisturizing properties. Thanks to several years of experience, we know exactly how to clean every possible type of leather. We also clean textile clothing with membranes, TFL and MESH clothing, footwear, helmets and gloves. 

Ozonation of the inside of clothing It is the most effective way to get rid of bacteria, fungi and bad odors from the inside of motorcycle clothing. Thanks to the developed method, the ozonation method is accurate, so the ozone reaches every place of clothing. Through ozonation, we get rid of the smell of cigarettes or strong sweat. It is also a great solution when we buy second-hand clothes, and if we want to prepare the clothes before selling them – an attached certificate confirming the performance of a full service, The inside of the garment is also cleaned and disinfected with steam under pressure.

Lonizing New you loved! Scenting the inside of your clothing with silver ions will allow you to enjoy a beautiful fragrance and block the growth of bacteria. Especially for you, we have selected fragrances from the range of drugstore bestsellers. You'll have to check it out for yourself! It is also possible to purchase Xzone products to ionize your clothing at home.

Maintenance It is a very important part of care. It helps to moisturize, maintain elasticity and prolong the life of the skin. Thanks to maintenance, the garment is much more comfortable, adapts more easily to the body and does not restrict movement. Clothing that is in good condition is also much safer, dry and hard skin wears out, cracks and tears like a sheet of paper when it comes into contact with asphalt. Maintenance with the use of specialized preparations also gives an invisible coating that protects against further dirt, has a UV filter and also works well in the case of matte clothing – it does not shine.

An element of service with the use of an amazing – innovative product, which, thanks to its properties, gives the locks smooth and light movement and provides them with a longer life and comfort of use. The product works immediately and is suitable for all types of locks. Most importantly, it does not leave a greasy film on the surface. With this additional service, you will feel a huge difference in the operation of your locks.

Do you also change the color of your clothing?

Of course, this is one of the most frequently performed services, we call them personalization - you can see examples of projects in the PERSONALIZATION tab. The pricing of personalization is individual. Send us photos and tell us what effect you want to achieve, and we will tell you what and how;)

Is the color change permanent?

Yes, the color change is permanent, however, several factors can affect its durability. If the skin is dry or in poor condition, its durability will be shorter. In the case of performing a color change on elements such as an accordion, its durability may also be reduced, which is always communicated to the customer before the service begins. It should also be remembered that the applied paint behaves in the same way as the original paint, so in places where it is exposed to natural wear, e.g. abrasions from the tank, the color may change. 

How to deliver clothing?

You have 4 options to deliver the garments to us,

1. Use a pick-up point

Find and choose a pick-up point and drop off your motorcycle clothing there. You can find the list of points here: POINTS

2. At the registered office: 43-254 Krzyżowice, 4 Ligonia Street (Silesia)

3. Send the parcel with your own courier. Send a package with motorcycle clothing directly to our headquarters in Krzyżice, remember to put your phone number inside. We will get back to you as soon as the package is with us!


4. Send a parcel using the website - by ordering a courier who will come with a printed label or you will also be able to drop it off at pickup points - > PICKUP LIST

What are your deadlines?

It is impossible to define it unequivocally, in the world of motorcycles there is seasonality, sometimes the deadline is 2 working days and sometimes 2 months. It all depends on the time of the season and the service chosen.

The performance of the service itself in the season usually takes about a week.

How do I prepare my package?

All you have to do is pack the clothes in a cardboard box. It is important that it is of regular shapes - rectangle, square. Otherwise, the couriers may reject the package or add an additional fee. In the case of shipping a helmet, you can mark the package with a sticker "attention fragile".

How do pick-up points work?

PUNKT (POINTS) are authorized specialty stores where you can drop off your clothing. Ideally, it should already be packed in a cardboard box. Points do not accept payments and are not responsible for determining the scope of work. Clothes from the point are sent directly to the headquarters.