Leather cleaner

Leather cleaner


Xzone Leather Clothing Cleaner

Why use Xzone leather cleaning agent?

It is a high-quality cleaner and conditioner for leather with a foam applicator. Thanks to its cleansing and moisturizing ingredients, it primarily removes daily dirt, nourishes, adds suppleness and elasticity, smoothens, and has an optimal pH balance. The product is also suitable for use on stretch materials, plastics, synthetic leathers, and TFL.

The strong version is intended for heavy soiling and classic colors. For daily care and fluorescent colors, the Normal version is recommended. Suitable for all types of genuine leather. To achieve the most satisfying effect, apply the foam directly to a damp brush.

How to use:

  • Shake the package before use;
  • Test the product on a small, hidden surface – exercise particular caution when using on dyed leathers;
  • Apply to a soft brush or directly onto the leather surface and rub in a circular motion, adjusting the pressure as needed;
  • Remove the dissolved dirt with a cloth rinsed in clean water;
  • Repeat the process if necessary;
  • Allow to dry naturally.

Capacity: 150 ml.