Types of helmet visors
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When choosing the right helmet, the motorcyclist must also know what types of visors are available and how they differ from each other. In this post, you can compare the available types and think about which might be the best for you. The next step is just a lot of fittings ????

Motorcycle helmet lenses are available in different types and designs to meet different riding needs and conditions. Here are some of the main types of motorcycle helmet visors:

  1. Clear glass: These are standard panes that are transparent and provide a clear view. They are suitable for driving in a wide variety of weather conditions. 
  2. Sun visors: Some motorcycle helmets are equipped with sun visors that can be lowered or raised to protect your eyes from the sun. This is especially useful when driving in bright sunlight.
  3. UV-reflective glass: Glass with a solar control or anti-UV coating provides additional protection against harmful UV rays.
  4. Antifog windows: These windows are designed to prevent fogging when driving in cold or damp conditions. This gives you better visibility and avoids the need for frequent windscreen cleaning.
  5. Photochromic glass: These are advanced lenses that automatically darken in response to light intensity. This works similarly to photochromic sunglasses, adapting to changing light conditions.
  6.  Iridium (chrome) glass: These lenses feature special coatings that reflect the sun's rays, which can help reduce glare when driving in intense light.
  7. Mirrored glass: Mirrored glazing has a mirror image on the outside, which can look attractive and help reflect the sun, but they are not always the best choice at night or in low light.
  8. Field of view windows: Some windows are designed to increase the field of vision, which can be especially useful when driving in the city or when cornering.



Iridium and mirror lenses are two different types of motorcycle helmet lenses, although they may seem similar at first glance due to their reflective properties. The differences between the two are due to the type of coating that is applied to the glass.

  1. Iridium glazing:
  2. Szyby lustrzane:
    • Mirrored glass has a clear mirror coating on the outside, which can resemble car mirrors.
    • The mirror shell is usually silver or in shades of blue or gold.
    • Mirrored glass is more visible and more visually striking than iridium glass because the mirror coating is more noticeable. Iridium glazing is characterized by an iridium coating, which is a thin layer that reflects light.
      Iridium coating can be different colors, for example, purple, blue, green, etc. Depending on the colour of the coating, the glass can reflect different wavelengths of light. Iridium glass is more subtle in appearance compared to mirrored glass. Iridium coating

In practice, the difference between these two types of glass lies in aesthetics and visual impressions. Mirrored glass is often chosen for its distinctive appearance and ability to reflect more sunlight, but it does not necessarily provide better protection against light or visibility. Iridium glazing, on the other hand, can be more subtle and allow for a certain amount of light reflection, but it is not as visible as mirror glass.

Choosing the right type of visor for your motorcycle helmet depends on your individual preferences, riding style and the weather conditions in which you intend to ride. It's also a good idea to make sure that the visor is compatible with your helmet model and meets the appropriate safety standards.

Remember that it is important to take proper care of specialized visors.