Is repaired motorcycle clothing safe?
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Is repaired motorcycle clothing safe?

The answer is – it depends.

So what does it depend on?

From the materials used, technology, knowledge of the construction of motorcycle clothing, the quality of the service

The use of ordinary threads, finished with a single seam, is a guarantee of lack of success and gives a false sense of security. Using the cheapest leather on the market, or its substitute, sewing a hole on top – a "patch" – This is another example that will make the repair can and will have the effect of visual improvement, but in the event of a fall, it will largely fail to fulfill its role.

In the case of repairs with the use of high-quality leather, with the use of machines dedicated to work in leather, the use of the highest quality additional materials – the repaired clothing is as safe as possible. An important aspect is also the knowledge of the construction of motorcycle clothing and its practical application. (after all, not everyone needs to know what a protector or slider is and what its use is) This is especially important when making alterations to the size of clothing, when the protectors fall out in the wrong places due to improper alteration.

Do you need help with your motorcycle kit?

The picture shows an example of a poorly performed lock replacement service.