DryZone drying and ozone cabine
Opublikowane przez Agnieszka Babecka

A wet, sweaty and smelly motorcycle suit... Intense sport, therefore, and intense emotions, a little less pleasant when there is an intense smell to it.

Taking care of the hygiene of experienced players, we have created a cabinet for drying and ozonation. It was created from scratch from our concept. Tested on several tracks in its basic version, it provided comfort to event participants. Refined with the best components, programmed for different performance sequences and encased in compact, customized and reliable transmissions, the Dk2 has gained a top rank. In 15 minutes, it restores hygiene to any suit by injecting ozone molecules into every nook and cranny. Soaked and sweaty motorcycle clothing dries out and ensures comfort of use. It is easy to assemble and portable, taking up little space when disassembled. It has built-in speakers and a screen, which tell us about the stage of operation of the cabinet, in addition, they have the ability to turn on music or display advertisements. It was created from knowledge and experience in working with motorcycle clothing.