Travelling on a motorcycle with a dog – meet Mapet
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Travelling on a motorcycle with a dog – meet Mapet!

Motorcycle suit for a dog in the form of a backpack made to the special order of our client, who travels the roads on two wheels with her pet. The backpack was created from scratch in our studio so that it is comfortable and safe for the dog, as well as for the owner, so that it does not restrict her movements. It has been enriched with two side pockets – for water and for dog accessories.

Oh, and most importantly, it was made from used motorcycle suits.

Meet Mapet – a canine traveler. Its owner, Mrs. Justyna, and he are inseparable and spend a lot of time together.

Mrs. Justyna described to us the detailed preparation of her pet for such a journey:

"Thanks to the backpack, the dog has better protection than I do, because I don't have such a hump in my jacket. On top of that, he has his own helmet, goggles and earplugs in his ears to protect him from the wind. We also take breaks in riding max. every hour to stretch his paws. Anyway, he lets you know when he wants to get out of his backpack and relieve himself or have a drink." The bottom of the backpack was additionally lined by Mrs. Justyna with pillows.

For us, creating such a backpack was an interesting challenge, we used the hump element, made ventilation, and prepared additional pockets.


"The backpack is stable and holds the dog well. Even when it starts spinning, it doesn't stop me from riding. Zippers on the back side were a good idea because they make it very easy to dress the dog in a backpack. Water bottle pockets and lanyards work too."