Airbag airbag under the suit – adjust the suit and save your ribs!
Opublikowane przez Agnieszka Babecka

Airbags are well-known solutions used in cars, to which many people owe their lives. Airbag solutions dedicated to motorcyclists are also becoming more and more popular. They began to gain recognition after the 2018 season, when MotoGP riders were required to wear suits equipped with airbags. The following options are available on the market:

-Airbags that will work well during tourist trips.
-Suits with built-in airbags, designed for track riding.
-Universal vests with cartridges that you can put on your jacket.
-Versatile vests with cartridges that you can put under your jacket.

From our perspective, we want to focus on the latter. A vest is undoubtedly a great solution that will increase your safety, but you need to pay attention to a very important issue. The suit you use is your favorite and feels like a second skin – not necessarily suitable for an inner vest solution. At the moment of explosion, the suit needs about 4 cm of extra space – if there is not enough space, your ribs will certainly suffer. We know from experience many such situations and we know that they can be easily avoided.

If you are planning to buy an airbag under your motorcycle suit, check if you have enough space, or if stretch elements have been added to the sides. In any other case, we are here to help.

We make modifications of motorcycle clothing – we will adjust your clothing to your requirements. Take full care of your safety.

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