Diffusion in motorcycle clothing – scientifically about what is happening with our clothing.
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Diffusion in motorcycle clothing – scientifically about what is happening with our clothing.

Every day we witness an infinite number of processes taking place in nature, which we do not even think about – they are there and that's it. These processes are reversible and irreversible, and this is also easy for us to see – for example, by brewing tea and seeing the water dye. This process is called diffusion – nothing new, we know... But a little bit about how it works to be able to get to the point. Diffusion takes place in different states of matter – in the case of gases, it occurs quickly – which is easy for us to feel, e.g. when sensing the aroma of a cooking dinner, or the "aroma" coming out after dinner, which we simply "didn't like". Diffusion in liquids, whose molecules make intense movements, is also a fast process, which we can see, for example, in a bartender serving us colorful drinks. This process also occurs in solids – it occurs very slowly, under the influence of forces or external factors – as exemplified by metal alloys. You will also not be surprised by the fact that the diffusion process also takes place in mixed states of matter – to illustrate – imagine two tables, on one of which you scatter pigment and on the other you pour ink. Blowing out the pigment will allow us to quickly remove the dirt, getting rid of the ink is a longer game. Liquid much faster
We've cut to the chase – you're coming back from a motorcycle trip where all the flies around decided to stop you. They didn't succeed – resulting in #zmuszonadowyczyszczenia clothing. You can't see the logo of the jacket brand on your shoulders anymore – but you decide that it's not that day yet, it's not the time to clean, another time. Insect life juices begin to penetrate deep into the pores and become an integral part of your clothing. Over time, this process becomes irreversible and permanently changes the color of your clothing, usually leaving orange dots. Of course, there is a way to do it – a trivial one – to remove the remains of insects after returning from a ride. In the case of motorcycle clothing, the intensity of diffusion is influenced by many factors – the porosity of the plastic or leather used, the impact of temperature, the color of the material.
Colorful spots are therefore an inseparable decorative element of your clothing, so if you do not plan additional decorations, do not forget about hygiene ????