Proper fit of motorcycle gloves
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Proper fit of motorcycle gloves – A well-fitting motorcycle gloves are not only a matter of comfort, but above all safety. Here are some tips on how to choose the right motorcycle gloves:

  1. Size – the gloves should fit your hand well. If the gloves are too small, they will restrict movement and pinch the fingers, which can lead to fatigue and pain in the hands. If the gloves are too large, they will move and this can reduce the feeling and precision of the ride.
  2. Material – gloves should be made of materials that provide good breathability and at the same time protect your hands from wind, cold, rain and sun. The material should also be abrasion-resistant and easy to clean.
  3. Protectors – motorcycle gloves should have protectors that protect your hands in the event of an accident. The most commonly used protectors are polyurethane panels on the hands, fingers and wrists. Good quality protectors affect the safety of the motorcyclist.
  4. Fasteners – gloves should have well-fitting fasteners to prevent slipping and that the gloves fit snugly in the hand. The best gloves have adjustable fasteners.
  5. Adaptation to the season – gloves should be adapted to the season and weather conditions. For example, gloves with extra thermal insulation are ideal for winter, while gloves with perforations are good for hot days.
  6. Comfort – gloves should be comfortable to wear and should not cause discomfort. It is worth paying attention to the soft linings on the inside of the gloves and the well-fitting shape that does not restrict movement.

To sum up, a good choice of motorcycle gloves is not only a matter of style, but above all safety and comfort. Before buying gloves, it is worth paying attention to the above tips to choose the best model for you.