Will a motorcycle suit stretch?
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You try on a jumpsuit in the store, it seems a little tight... You bend, squat, stretch, look at the salesman and hear: "don't worry, it will stretch a little more..."

So, will a motorcycle suit stretch?

Is that true?

It depends. From what?

If the suit pinches in every possible place, it causes discomfort and you immediately feel that putting it on will be a chore every time. perhaps this is not the model for you. Remember that each one is sewn differently, using different standards and dimensions.

If you feel that the suit is generally comfortable, does not pinch you in places on the seams, e.g. under the armpits or in the crotch, it will be possible to slightly "stretch" it. How to do it? The key is to moisturize your skin (we recommend Xzone Skin Lotion), which will make it more elastic. The skin should be moisturized with appropriate preparations. We do not recommend soaking the suits, it can cause deformation, deformation and dryness of the skin.

Remember that your comfort is very important and it also directly affects your safety. A suit that restricts the movement of a motorcyclist is inappropriate, while the other extreme is a "too loose" chimney, but that's a topic for another post 


I hope that now you will never ask yourself again the question "will the motorcycle suit stretch"

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