How do you refresh a motorcycle suit?
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A motorcycle suit is a part of a motorcyclist's wardrobe that needs to be refreshed, mainly for hygienic reasons, but also to maintain the comfort of use. With Xzone kits, taking care of your motorcycle clothing is very easy. Comprehensive solutions are packed in one box. You will also find a QR code inside, and once scanned, you will see the full online user manual.

  • Xzone Leather Clothing Care Kit
  • Xzone Textile Care Kit

In the case of leather – the most important issue is to unclog the pores of the skin by removing dust, dirt and insect debris – it is important to use a brush with the right type of bristles (preferably natural, medium-hard) to draw dirt from deep into the pores. Dirt resulting from an "encounter with vermin" should be removed as soon as possible so that discoloration does not occur – especially visible on light colors/light plastics.

The interior can be refreshed by using silver ions with fragrance or by ozonizing the interior of the garment.

A textile suit easily absorbs unpleasant odours and loses the permeability of membranes over time as a result of dirt. Refreshing textiles is possible by washing the clothes yourself at home (only with the use of dedicated agents that will not cause the fibers to clump together), Caution should be exercised and follow the recommendations of the clothing manufacturer and the manufacturer of the preparations. It is very important to prepare the clothes properly before washing (take out the protectors, fasten the snaps/zippers, take things out of the pockets). If you are concerned about cleaning yourself, you can have your clothes professionally cleaned.

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