How to take care of Velcro in motorcycle clothing?
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How to take care of Velcro in motorcycle clothing?

"Worn-out Velcro fasteners" is one of the most common repairs that come to us. After a long time of use, the Velcro loses its grip. Velcro fasteners in motorcycle clothing have an important function, for example, Velcro under the neck – It protects the locking mechanism of the zipper from its constant "tightening", when the Velcro is damaged, the automatically tightening skin on the chest tries to open the zipper, violating the lock. When the tension continues, the lock will be damaged and the lock itself will slide apart while driving. It is comforting to know that repairing them to brand new ones is a small cost.

But what can you do to keep your Velcro fasteners functioning properly for as long as possible?

  • Try to always attach the Velcro fasteners together. Regardless of whether you are currently using the item or not. If the Velcro fasteners are fastened together, dust, hair and threads will not get into them.
  • Also attach the Velcro during standard garment cleaning – this way the hooks on the hard side and loops on the soft side of the Velcro will not be damaged by abrasion or rubbing, reducing the risk of fraying them
  • When dirt has gotten into the hooks, you can clean it with a toothbrush – If the soft side is covered with fuzz or fluff, this will prevent the Velcro from fitting snugly. Remove fuzzy and fluffy pieces using a wire brush, hard comb, or needle.
  • When dirt sticks to the soft side of the Velcro, you can remove it with adhesive tape, for example.
  • If the soft side of the velcro is frayed, then the velcro fibers will be further apart and this will cause the hooks to not be able to catch the loop. In this case, you can cut off the frayed pieces with scissors.

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