Matte motorcycle suit – how to maintain the matte finish?
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For several years now, a trend has emerged in the world of motorcycling – MATTE. Matte suits are associated with cleanliness, care, and luxury. For example, in upholstery, this trend has reached a level where almost all car leathers are matte.

However, there is a significant difference in the function that the leather used in motorcycle suits should fulfill. The main difference is that the leather in the suit directly touches our body (unless thermal clothing is used), so in addition to the outer layer, the inner layer must breathe and work. That's why perforations are often used.

Matte leather is difficult to maintain. Factors such as dust, sweat, and inappropriate preservatives containing fats make the suit shine quickly. Why does this happen?

We will show you the differences in the structure of matte and glossy leather under a microscope.

Matte leather resembles our Tatra Mountains. Uneven peaks in the finishing varnish cause light to bend to some extent instead of reflecting. This creates a matte effect.Wyszukaj w pasku bocznym zapytanie

Improper care, such as polishing the surface, smoothens the peaks. Additionally, microelements clog the formed spiky pores in the finishing varnish and cause light reflection, giving the leather a "slippery" appearance. 

Wyszukaj w pasku bocznym zapytanie

Over time, the peaks begin to resemble table mountains. In our case, it turns the leather glossy.

Compare them under a microscope.

Wyszukaj w pasku bocznym zapytanieWyszukaj w pasku bocznym zapytanie

Wyszukaj w pasku bocznym zapytanieWyszukaj w pasku bocznym zapytanie

How to eliminate the shine:

The best way to clean and preserve a glossy suit that was originally matte is to use a product that does not contain fats. In this case, Xzone milk (https://robertozon.pl/sklep/mleczko-do-konserwacji-skory/) is ideal. This milk restores the natural coating of the leather – matte remains matte, and the gloss still shines. Unfortunately, lovers of the perfect matte look must repeat such treatments quite often and regularly to prevent the pores from losing their mountainous character.

Among our services, we also perform leather matte finishing – both full and local. So, if your motorcycle suit has been glossy from the start, and you are looking for a solution, we can help you