Motorcycle gloves – how to take care of them?
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Motorcycle gloves – how to take care of them?

Many of you forget to take care of your motorcycle gloves – and yet they are the most heavily used element of your motorcycle wardrobe.

  What do we recommend?

     Moisten the palm of the glove as often as possible (we recommend our skin moisturizing                   lotion for this

  • Cleaning gloves – a lot of sweat comes out of your hands, which contains salt. Salt, on the other hand, makes the skin harden.

     Avoid contact of the gloves with water, and if they get wet – leave them to dry naturally (do not       put them on radiators, etc.)

     Before throwing them into the closet, basement, bag – clean them of dust and dirt to avoid mold       and bad smell

     Checking the condition of the stitches – if they are not worn – when a single seam is ripped it is         easy to repair it, when a hole appears – on a relatively small area of skin – it is also possible to         fix   it, but sometimes it is not so easy.

     Cleaning the Velcro fasteners – so that they perform their function correctly, in case the Velcro         no longer "catches" – it can be replaced in small amounts.


It is possible to clean the gloves at home. The Xzone Skin Kit is the perfect choice

you in the home care of motorcycle gloves. For convenience, we suggest that you put the glove on your hand before cleaning.


How to use the leather clothing cleaning and maintenance kit?

Step 1. Apply a leather cleanser:

-Shake the packaging before use;

– Check the effect of the product by performing a test on a small, hidden area (first of all, you should be especially careful when using the product on dyed leather or leather with fluo shades);

– Apply to the surface of the skin and in circular motions, adjusting the pressure – clean with the damp sponge included in the set or a soft brush;

– Remove dissolved dirt with a sponge or cloth rinsed in clean water.

Step 2. Put the gloves away for a few hours so that they can dry naturally, do not hang them out in the sun, do not put them on a radiator.

Step 3. Apply the skin milk:

– Shake the packaging before use;

– Apply a small amount of the product to the microfiber included in the kit;

– Gently apply the product to previously cleansed skin and spread it thoroughly on the surface;

– Repeat on the driest elements.

Step 4. Use a silver ion freshener:

Use an atomizer to spray the inside of the gloves in an even layer onto the previously cleaned and dried surface, especially in sensitive areas prone to catching odors. Allow to dry.

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If you don't have the time or inclination to service the gloves yourself – we can take care of it for you! for only PLN 49, 5 services will be performed as part of the package that will restore freshness and hygiene to your gloves.