Jamming locks? We've found a way to do it!
Opublikowane przez Agnieszka Babecka

Stuttering and hard 'walking' locks? – one of the most common causes of damage to express zippers in motorcycle clothing!

Sometimes it happens that the zipper plays a trick on us and jams at the least appropriate moment. Tugging won't help much here. Does this mean that we will have to say goodbye to our favorite pants or jacket forever? Fortunately not!

We have created an amazing – innovative product, which, thanks to its properties, will give the zippers smooth and light movement and provide them with a longer life and comfort of use.

The product works immediately and is suitable for use in metal and plastic zippers in dry and wet suits. It can be used to lubricate the zippers of storm trucks, tents, etc. It works in all water conditions and temperatures.

A zipper care product first protects against the negative effects of rain, mud, sweat, etc. on the zippers. They can cause difficulties with fastening and unfastening, snagging, or simply breaking the zipper.

Effectively removes dirt, chlorine, rust, sand or salt. Repels dust, sand, chlorine, rust, or corrosion in zippers sewn into jackets, pants, or other clothing.
By using a lock protection agent, the service life of the locks is thus increased.

This high-performance formulation provides a layer of protection to waterproof zippers in coveralls and other clothing.
The product is non-toxic, biodegradable and does not contain silicone or paraffin.

It is possible to provide the service on the spot (at the headquarters in Orzesze) and at each of the events we attend.