5in1 motorcycle and textile clothing cleaning package

Why is hygiene of motorcycle clothing important?

Sweat, dust, bacteria, mud, insect organic particles, etc., wrap around your clothing after an intense ride. For your own hygiene and riding comfort, we recommend performing a full service at least once a season, so your clothing can serve you for many years. Regular servicing ensures, among other things, increased leather flexibility, unblocking of its pores – thus better air circulation, and cleaning of membranes in textile clothing.

Motorcycle clothing that is not regularly maintained over time also loses its safety features. Stiff, dried-out leather is much more susceptible to mechanical damage in the event of a fall.

The most favorable offer on the market that you can take advantage of is professional manual cleaning of your motorcycle clothing, using specialized products. The time it takes is dependent on the season, so it's always worth asking about the waiting time.

The 5-in-1 service package fully refreshes your motorcycle clothing.

The 5-in-1 package includes the following services:


It is done manually with the utmost attention to detail. The chemicals used are tested and do not affect the outer layer of the leather, dirt is effectively removed, and thanks to moisturizing properties, the leather is nourished. Several years of experience have shown us exactly how each possible type of leather should be cleaned. We also clean textile clothing with membranes, TFL and MESH clothing, footwear, helmets, and gloves. In the case of helmets, the service also includes washing the helmet lining.

Ozonation of clothing interior

This is the most effective way to eliminate bacteria, fungi, and unpleasant odors from the interior of motorcycle clothing. Thanks to the developed method, the ozonation process is precise, so ozone reaches every part of the clothing. Through ozonation, we get rid of the smell of cigarettes or strong sweat. It is also a great solution when buying used clothing, and in the case of wanting to prepare clothing for sale - a certificate confirming the completion of full service is attached. The interior of the clothing is also cleaned and disinfected with steam under pressure.

Zipper Service

Part of the service with the application of an amazing - innovative product, which thanks to its properties, gives zippers a smooth and light movement and ensures their longer life and comfort of use. The product works instantly and is suitable for all types of zippers. Most importantly, it does not leave a greasy layer on the surface. Thanks to this additional service, you will feel a huge difference in the operation of the zippers.


A novelty that you loved! Giving your clothing interior a scent using silver ions, will allow you to enjoy a beautiful fragrance and block the development of bacteria. Especially for you, we have chosen scents from the range of drugstore bestsellers. You have to check it out yourself! It is also possible to purchase Xzone products for self-ionizing of clothing at home.

Conservation / Impregnation

It is a very important element of care. It helps to moisturize, maintain elasticity, and extend the life of the leather. Thanks to conservation, the clothing is much more comfortable, easier to adjust to the body and does not restrict movement. Well-maintained clothing is also much safer, dried and hard leather in contact with asphalt wears, cracks and tears like a sheet of paper. Conservation with specialized preparations also gives an invisible coating, which protects against further soiling, has a UV filter, and is also suitable for matte clothing – it does not make it shiny. In the case of textile clothing - we first determine the type of material, and then match the type of preparation used.